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Study Abroad

We envision to render qualitative and reliable services to the students who wish to pursue academic career in international community.

Test Preparation

we are specialize in educational counseling and trainer recruitment to serve you better test preparation classes and expertise you in concerned field

Carrer counseling

We do offer free carrer counseliing and guide you through many excellent alternatives and so many attractive places to live while you study.


We are one of a kind of consultancy located centrally at chabahil chowk. We have our experts here to provide you counselling related to abroad studies. We have tied up with universities as well as colleges across various countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Japan, Australia, Canada and European Countries.
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Dream Destinations

Study in Australia

Australia is a proud education destination and a home to world-class institutions, campuses and academics. A multicultural and diverse study environment attracts students from all over the world.

Study in Canada

Canada, a developed country, is in North America bordering with USA. It offers higher education which is internationally recognized and globally respected for its quality with affordable tuition fees. 

Study in United Kingdom

It is emerging as one of the topmost preferences among Nepali students wanting to study abroad. With an excellent education system, New Zealand has a lot to offer.

Study in Japan

Japan is one of the most extraordinary countries for foreign students. The combination of excellent universities and unique culture make Japan one of the most interesting destinations for studying abroad.Students can choose from a very large number of universities in Japan. There is a total of almost 800 universities.

Study in Korea

During the last ten years, Korea has become one of the most popular destinations for international students studying in Asia. It is attractive, trendy, and has a lot for a newcomer to indulge in and explore.  We see a “Korea Wave”, a global phenomenon, with the increasing popularity of K-pop, Korean-dramas, and Korean fashion. 

Be assure with Our Professional counseller

Mr. Shambhu Karki - CEO and DIrector

The best time to study abroad is typically by taking a gap year right after high school and before you start college. This period of time provides a natural time to take a break and the least amount of disruption to your education, not to mention giving you an added edge in college admissions. That is why we only accept fellows who have not yet started college.

On the off chance that your family lives in a nation where you are applying for, at that point you can stay with them. If not then you can remain in colleges/universities inns or you can stay in a leased room. This is accessible upon a solicitation to your loved ones in the nation you will be.

Where you travel is a personal choice, and entirely up to you — when you apply you will have the opportunity to rank your destination choices across the globe by your personal preference. But if you need help deciding where you should study abroad, you can read about each of our international destinations and take our destination quiz to give yourself a starting point for doing some research

What Our Students Have to Say

Hello, I am Sujina Rokka. I choose United Kingdom for my Masters degree.I went through Educlid social media sites. Their experience and successful journey attracted me. I started my further visa processing
Sujina Rokka
From UK
Hello I am Manish Pradhan and I have recently got my visa granted to study in Australia with 50% Scholarship and for this Educlid Consulting Services has helped me a lot.
Manish Pradhan
From Australia
My name is Sabina Karki and I went through the counselling of Educlid Consulting services which completely solved my dilemma of which course to choose  and what country to choose! Thanks a lot for making me what i'm today .
Sabina Karki
From Japan
Hello, I am Melina Thapa. I choose Educlid CS for my Career counselling and am too fortunate for building my portfolio as strong as needed to land in my dream destination.
Melina Thapa
From Canada